Full Bio

Charity Gilchrist-Davis is your candidate for Circuit Court Judge, Place 13. Charity Gilchrist-Davis is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, who proudly matriculated through the Birmingham Public School System. She is a graduate of Samford University with a major in Paralegal Studies and minor in Sociology. Charity started her journey in the legal field in 1990 as a legal assistant for an environmental litigation firm and then proceeded to work in a fast, upscale environment with large law firms in Birmingham as a paralegal. In 2003, with encouragement from friends and family, Charity decided to attend law school in pursuit of a Juris Doctorate and is a graduate of Miles School of Law. While in law school, she became a judicial law clerk for two judges in Birmingham, Alabama, Judge Eugene Verin and Judge Eric Fancher. She was admitted to the Alabama State Bar in April 2008. Charity was nationally certified with the American Arbitration Association in 2016 as a mediator.

Charity Gilchrist-Davis became a public servant at an early age. During her high school years, Charity worked as a childcare assistant at a local daycare. She then served in the membership department of  her home church. During that tenure, Charity learned to hear the voice of the people and advocate on their behalf with compassion and persistence. While Charity understands equality (everyone is treated the same under the law), she also understands the need for equity (providing a level playing field for everyone). As a result of this passionate belief, Charity donates her time and financial support to organizations that provide learning experiences, job opportunities and services to citizens from urban, suburban and rural communities. As an advocate for education, Charity speaks to large and small audiences at universities and other organizations. She has lectured at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama, and Howard University School of Law in Washington D.C. She has shared her expertise in Webinar series and informational sessions.  

Charity Gilchrist-Davis has been a practicing attorney since 2008. She practices in the areas of employment litigation, family law and personal injury. Charity practices in the state court, the Northern District Federal Courts, Southern District Federal Courts, and the Eleventh Circuit Courts. Recently, Charity was successful in a Fair Labor Standard ACT (FLSA) class action. In an effort to ensure quality legal services for the community, Charity serves on several boards and mentors young lawyers and pre-law students. She started her firm as a one-woman operation that grew into a team of three lawyers and several support staff. She empowers young legal minds to pursue their dreams through paid internships in her law office. Charity’s efforts and successes earned her the title of Super Lawyer in 2017 and 2018, Best of Birmingham’s Bar in 2021 and B Metro’s Top Women Lawyers in 2022. Charity Gilchrist-Davis has always been and continues to be a voice for all people regardless of race, color or creed. This is her pledge to the community. During her career, she has won single-person cases and has taken on and successfully argued multi-litigation matters. Her clients praise her for her diligence, determination and dedication. Charity does not just serve her clients in the office and the courtroom, she has also served as a member of Birmingham Inns of Court and American Inns of Court. She was also a member of the Grievance Committee, founding organizer for Jefferson County TASK Force, chair and co-chair of Fee Arbitration Committee, director of Jefferson County Mentoring Program, and currently serves on the boards for Fountain of Life Community Development Corporation, Easterseal and the Community Affairs Committee (CAC).

Charity is a loving daughter, sister and aunt. A recurring question she is often asked by her nephews is “Tee Tee Charity, can you help me?” Her response is always, “I can! But, if I can’t, I will find someone who can.” This is a motto for her work ethic as well. Charity is determined to help her fellow man as a problem solver, a facilitator, an advocate and a supporter. She is characterized by those who know her as a “dynamic dynamo.” Her ability to lead with humility and to make decisions based on analysis, evaluation and interpretation are key in a courtroom. Charity has proven herself as a strong voice in the community who speaks with power and authority. She is determined to judge fairly, making sure every voice is heard; to judge with integrity, making sure the law is upheld; and to judge with wisdom, making sure every life-changing decision is made after careful deliberation.

Charity has been a person of faith all of her life. One of her earliest memories is clapping her hands as the choir made a joyful noise. During her walk with Christ and faithfulness to her local church, Charity has served as an usher, teacher, choir member and band member. She fondly remembers her days as a musician, stating that her sounds are tailor made for God’s ears only. She has also donated her legal services and nuggets of wisdom to local pastors.

Charity is a friend and confidant who understands the importance of a balanced life. During her off-time, she can be found visiting the pages of her faves on Facebook, reading a book, chatting with friends or spending a “stop-over weekend” with her sister.

A vote for Charity is a vote for equity and fairness.