"Serving with Integrity"

Charity Gilchrist-Davis became a public servant at an early age. During her high school years, Charity worked as a childcare assistant at a local daycare. She then served in the membership department of her home church.

Charity donates her time and financial support to organizations that provide learning experiences, job opportunities and services to citizens from urban, suburban and rural communities. As an advocate for education, she has lectured at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama, and Howard University School of Law in Washington D.C.

Charity has been a practicing attorney since 2008. She practices in the areas of employment litigation, family law and personal injury. Charity’s efforts and successes earned her the title of Super Lawyer in 2017 and 2018, Best of Birmingham’s Bar in 2021 and B Metro’s Top Women Lawyers in 2022.

Charity is determined to judge fairly, making sure every voice is heard; to judge with integrity, making sure the law is upheld; and to judge with wisdom, making sure every life-changing decision is made after careful deliberation.